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About Fox + Sparrow



Fox + Sparrow all started in 2014 in a small (like really small) town in central Alberta. It has evolved and grown so much since those early days to become what it is now. Our style, process and most importantly our intention have grown into something that we are so proud of today. We started making signs that would look beautiful in your home but really didn't have much meaning behind them. Today our signs aim to motivate, inspire, and entertain, all while still looking beautiful in your home. We want our signs to connect with you, to inspire you on a daily basis and to reflect your personality. The best feeling for us is seeing someone connect to one of our pieces and hearing the story behind it. And in order to bring you signs that do just that we offer custom orders to make sure your sign is exactly what you want, from size and color options to fonts and design. Each one of our signs is handmade using quality materials and supporting Canadian and recycled products whenever possible. 


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