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Welcome to Fox + Sparrow Home!

Updated: May 23, 2019

A little bit about us and why we do what we do.

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out Fox + Sparrow Home. We are a small business specializing in inspirational and motivational (and occasionally humorous) signs and home decor. My name is Ashley and I am the designer, creator, builder and face of Fox + Sparrow. I live on an acreage in a teeny tiny town (like maybe 200 people?) in Central Alberta. Fox + Sparrow started as away for me to be creative and make a little bit of money while I was home with a toddler. It has changed so much since the beginning in 2014 (I sold signs and jewelry-what was I thinking!) and I feel like I've finally found my style. I make signs that will hopefully serve as reminders for you or to motivate you when you really need it. All of my signs have been quotes that I read that really resonated with me and I felt I needed at one time or another. The greatest compliment I can get is when someone sees my work and tells me how much it speaks to them or how it brings up feelings and emotions. Words are so powerful and I think seeing the right ones on a daily basis can change your life.

Our signs are all made in house in our studio. Everything from design to wood cutting and sanding to painting is done by me. I love to build things and nothing makes me happier than seeing an idea I have come to life. I love playing with fonts and layouts and colors for signs. I can spend hours finding exactly the right font for what I have in my head. I also love getting out the power tools and spending the day cutting and sanding. I got a drill for my birthday last year and I love it! I'm pretty proficient with the miter saw, the jigsaw and the air nailer. The table saw still scares me a bit but I'm getting braver. Growing up my dad was always in the shop building things, from beautiful furniture to tack boxes for all of my riding gear to home decor pieces. I loved hanging out in the garage and I think that's where I gained the confidence to do what I do. I still ask his advice on things and get his help on projects I've never tackled before.

One of my favorite parts of doing this is going to markets. As an introvert and a naturally shy person I found it a bit hard at first but I'm getting better. I love to see people's reactions to signs and hear their thoughts on why they like or don't like something. I also love meeting the other vendors. I've met some really great people at markets and I love getting to see how creative people are. I also love doing classes. Again, as an introvert, talking to a whole crowd of people is a little daunting but I love helping people find their creativity and seeing how they make projects their own.

My purpose with Fox + Sparrow Home is to make beautiful and meaningful art and decor for your home. I love decorating and renovating my home and I want to share some of that with you. So here you'll find all of our products from signs to vinyl decals to pillow covers as well as a look at my home and tutorials on different things from wall treatments to DIY decor. I hope you'll love it as much as I do. Thanks for following along!


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